About Us

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"Traverse Independence provides a quality client service with a dedicated and supportive team of professionals."  James Rolls








Traverse Independence assists adults with acquired brain injuries (ABI) and physical disabilities traverse the distance between where they are today and where they dream of being - independent and self sufficient. The organization's programs are dedicated to maximizing our clients' abilities to live independently and to support them on their journey of growth.

Traverse Independence was founded in 1975 as an agency dedicated to developing housing with support services for people with physical disabilities. The team was formed through a partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Council and K-W Services for the Physically Disabled.

In 1977, The Participation House Project Waterloo Region was incorporated, and the first Board of Directors was formed. The organization has evolved from offering supportive housing for 15 clients to serving over 380 clients through eight facilities in the Region of Waterloo and County of Wellington, including:

In 2010, a new name and brand for the organization, Traverse Independence, was launched. The distinct brand identity is a critical investment for the future of our organization and is very important for developing our presence and positioning in the community. Traverse Independence communicates our mission, vision and values, and how we work with our clients on their journey to independence, supporting them to succeed. Currently, Traverse Independence has many dedicated staff and volunteers throughout the Region of Waterloo and Wellington County.